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Resurfacing Process

NationWide Resurfacing is leading the Resurfacing industry by supporting experienced Resurfacers to deliver the quality results all customers should receive.

Preparation & Materials

We have extensively tested & devolved over the past 25 years our industry leading products & preparation methods ensuring adhesion to the many surfaces we resurface. Our hands on experience with the largest resurfacing projects ever undertaken in Australia ensuring our members have the most knowledgeable industry leaders for support.

Our commercial cleaning agents are second to none, removing built in grime that standard cleaning products can not remove. Many surfaces are then etched to ensure bonding. Our members are taught to diagnose what the surface requires.

Exhaust fans and other protective measures are used in the work area to protect your home.


We have products made for the purpose of Domestic & Commercial “on-site” resurfacing, they include Low VOC materials, fast cure & isocyonate free materials.

Some applications require slower curing for maximum durability, in this case adequate ventilation is put in place so fumes are not in your home and breathed in by your family. Don’t take the risk of inexperienced resurfacers, safety is our priority!

Our products are developed & manufactured “exclusively” for on site ReSurfacing & our materials & work methods have been assessed by Workplace Health & Safety to ensure our methods and materials meet all requirements.


Resurfacing is the professional spraying of an industrial strength coating over an existing surface.
Our materials are applied through an HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure Spray system, this reduces excess over-spray which is associated with conventional spray systems.

Many of our members were professional spray painters before becoming resurfacers, their trade skills learnt from many years in the trade is essential to achieve a quality finish.
It is essential to have a professional Resurfacer who can accomplish a quality finish!Something to be aware of…..Many resurfacers in this industry have had no prior trade experience and have entered our industry through 4 day training courses by paint sellers..often promoted as resurfacing networks such as ours…. much to the dismay of the professionals in our industry and many an unhappy client!

Finish Detailing

After spraying the tradesperson should never leave you to finalise the room, this is sub-standard service. Detailing can sometimes be completed the same day as the spraying but is generally the next day for most services.

  • Often surfaces will require polishing to remove any dust particles and ensure a great finish
  • Masking paper & plastic around the area should be removed.
  • Caulking is applied to joints in wet areas.
  • Accessories are re-installed if required
  • The area is left clean and ready for use or the following trade. ( it is best to have resurfacing done before the painters or floor tilers )

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