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Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits of Resurfacing

Reduced Landfill

  • Reduced land fill is a major benefit of resurfacing.
  • New look kitchens & Bathrooms without throwing out unnecessary construction waste.

Cleaner Waterways

Resurfaced surfaces are easy to clean with a simple detergent…. no bleaches or abrasive harsh chemicals. This means your grey water is cleaner and less toxic.


Our Members protect all surfaces that are not being resurfaced. Extraction systems are used to evacuate the fumes and our HVLP- High Volume Low Pressure spray systems reduce over atomisation which reduces the fume load while still allowing a quality finish to be achieved.

Help the Environment and save up to 75% on renovation costs…

Low VOC’s and Isocyonate free products

We have a range of coatings that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and also isocyonate free coatings so you will have less toxic fumes within your home while spraying.

  • No paint product is healthy. You need to be aware of the VOC’s and Iso’s paint products have.
  • Even water based products have them!
  • Trained applicators using specialty equipment is essential.
  • All efforts must be made to reduce exposure to paint fumes.


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