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Australia Resurfacing

Australia Resurfacing

Australia’s Independant Professional Kitchen & Bathroom ReSurfacing Network

NationWide approved resurfacers servicing most areas of Australia.

Bathroom wall tiles, baths, showers and spa baths are ReGlazed for a new look at a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement.

Vanity tops are also resurfaced in our modern Caesar stone look

Kitchen cabinets, doors & draws are resurfaced in high gloss, semi gloss or satin finish

Benchtops are Resurfaced in our modern caeser stone look, the real “stone look” without the cost of real stone!

Purpose made specialty coatings are used exclusively by NationWide Australia approved members.

Don’t replace your kitchen or bathrooms until you have had a quote from your local NationWide Resurfacing Approved member!

Ask Us

We hear of many Resurfacers claiming to be members of NationWide Resurfacing and using our products, now you can know for sure!

By simply sending us an email, we can confirm if the Resurfacer you are contacting or receiving a quote from is a member of NationWide Resurfacing.

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Featuring hosts Andrew Winter, Shyanna Blaze, Charlie Albone with some of our NationWide Resurfacing members.